About Us

Miloo has been creating the perfect devices for family planning and more since 2005. Developing our products through extensive research and precision helps provide our customers with reliable, affordable and easy to use home tests. All Miloo test strips are individually packaged, making it simple and discreet for the stay at home parent, as well as the working mom. 
We are proud that our products are ranked as best sellers within the healthcare industry, primarily due to our dedication to our customers. Miloo provides a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, making sure our customers are truly confident and happy from the time of purchase till the testing is complete.
Miloo is a family created brand, engineered for the family creating parents.
Any questions or comments please feel free to email us at support@miloomedical.com
or call us between 9 AM - 5 PM MON -FRI at our office (305) 203- 2183
Miloo Medical.
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